What’s a Paper Bag Story?

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You’re now probably asking yourself:

“What’s a Paper Bag Story?”

Years ago a wise woman told me that if everyone on earth had the opportunity to put all of their ills, all of their problems, and all of their trauma in a paper bag and those bags were lined up and we each had the opportunity to look in those bags with the option to pick any bag we wanted we would choose our own bag and run.  We only receive that which we can handle. Over the years that story stayed with me especially when things were dark and seemingly unmanageable.  But when I came to know Christ it took on another, deeper meaning.

My home church has a monthly Community Supper and there’s normally a small sermon but this particular month they had a woman share her testimony.  This is a woman that I’ve seen for years at church. She has a loving husband and a strong heart for God.  As she stood up and began to share her testimony I was awakened to a story of loss, drugs, and incest. This woman had traveled a journey that I never knew and never fathomed. I listened intently with tears in my eyes and as each word left her lips I couldn’t help but picture those paper bags lined up across the globe. Her Paper Bag Story was not only amazing but an awesome testament to the love, grace, and mercy of God!

The more I replayed her testimony in my mind I thought of how many people she helped that day. Showing that you are never alone and that no matter how dire the circumstances seem, God can see you thorough if you let Him.  I wanted to create a place where people can share their Paper Bag Story – their journey to God’s grace from the depths of their challenges and to encourage others to take that step and leave those bags – that baggage – at the feet of the Living God and start a new life!

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